About the Author

About the Author

Lisa Anderson author of Love Love and Dragonfly

L L Anderson

LL Anderson lives in Woodbury, Minnesota, with her husband Tom. Her family is the absolute blessing and delight of her life. She has always had the dream of publishing a children’s book. It is her hope that this book will help other families experiencing the complexity and challenge that is Alzheimer’s to know that they are not alone.

As Mom’s journey with Alzheimer’s progressed, she lost many words and names almost weekly. I would often sit with her and practice names. To help her remember, I would say the beginning sounds, hopefully prompting her memory. My name, Lisa, was one of the few remaining in her vocabulary. One day, I was helping her remember my name. “La, la, la,” I prompted, and her response was “Love Love.”

“Yes, Mom”—I nodded—”my name is Love Love.”

I will always cherish that day, that memory. In the summers that have followed Mom’s passing, whenever I see a dragonfly I think of her. I choose to believe the delicate and beautiful dragonfly that I see dancing around my gardens is Mom, just checking in to say, “Hello, Love Love.”

I share my story in “Love Love and Dragonfly.”